In December 1998 a legal, formal body was constituted and established to allow the linking and networking to take place. The goal of this body is:


To support and help each other by working and serving together in agreement, unity and love, to fulfill our individual callings and the prophetic declaration that Creation Calls Christ, in preaching Jesus Christ and worshipping His Father God, led by the Holy Spirit alone and based on the written Word of God with Christ as the only foundation.







1.           The name of Christ Jesus (as the Son of God) is proclaimed as a form of evangelism. Should you affiliate with the Club, you may put the name “Creation Calls Christ” on your stationary, your billboards, your vehicles, or whatever else you choose. The Name “Creation Calls Christ” may be used on its own or in conjunction with your name.

2.           Christians come into agreement spiritually on the prophetic declaration  “Creation Calls Christ” according to Matt. 18:18, 19. Thus a unified voice is sent out into the world by Christians everywhere, glorifying Christ and giving us combined a legal authority and power to oppose all evil or antichrist forces. It also creates a platform of unified voices calling out against abortion, for death penalty, etc.

3.           In the same way the antichrist movements portray an image of power, the words Creation Calls Christ will become synonymous with the power and authority of the Godhead, as the Name of Jesus Christ is the Name above all names and every knee, religion and economic power will bow to Christ. (Phil. 2:10, 11)

4.           A spiritual power station is being established to which many businesses, ministries, entities, companies and churches are linked up. When you are in need of anointed help, the corporate anointing enables you to stay standing. When you battle, you may call in reinforcements: One puts a 1000 to flight, but two 10 000! (Deut. 23:30) The anointing will break each yoke and abides permanently in us to teach us concerning everything and is true (Isaiah 10:27; 1 John 2: 20-27).

5.           The members (arms, legs, toes, fingers, etc.) of the body of Christ start to link up under the Headship of Jesus Christ. The restoration of the body of Christ takes place and we will experience the manifest presence of God in our midst.

6.           On the Highway:

-       Sinners that come to Christ will be accommodated in a body ready to receive them.

-       Discipling of God’s children will take place.

-       People will be helped to identify their place of calling in the body of Christ.

-       Training and healing will take place in all areas: Body, soul and spirit.

-       Prodigal sons will be welcomed back and helped to reach the full potential Christ has invested in us, as we allow Him (the Word) to transform us into His image. AUTHORITY is to build up, not to tear down (2 Cor. 13:10).

-       We will help each other to reach the end goal: A spotless bride prepared to meet the Bridegroom. (2 Thess 5:23 ; Revelation 19:7)! A Bride without fear!!!!

7.           With our prophetic declaration we are calling Christ back. The word says that those who call Christ back, who love His appearing, will receive a crown of righteousness (2 Tim. 4:8)

8.           You will be sowing into the Kingdom of God in various ways and will receive a righteous yield.

9.           A huge spiritual network will be available at your fingertips to meet the needs of yourself and of others.

10.       Thus far Creation Calls Christ is already registered in SA,  internationall networking with Worldwide Branding in 52 countries. They have formed covenant with each other. These businesses and ministries are dedicated to the calling. In the spirit they form the leadership and we know that the spirit of the leadership sets the norm, anointed by the HOLY SPIRIT.

11.       Creation Calls Christ will create an international platform for you from which to operate ONLY AS THE HOLY SPIRIT LEADS, with Christ as Head and Father as Covering (Rom. 14:15 / Eph. 4:15 / Ps. 91) e.g. Your music ministry releases CD's under the banner Creation Calls Christ. Creation Calls Christ is not another church or denomination. You remain true to your own calling.

12.       Creation Calls Christ recognizes unity in diversity of individual callings. The aim is not to duplicate or conform, but to link up and to love one another to fulfill our own callings, to the glory of Christ Jesus.


Material benefits:


1.           When you affiliate with CREATION CALLS CHRIST you may use the name as a corporate expression for ANY activity, branch, item, business, club, ministry or calling you are involved with, e.g.:

-       4 X 4 club

-       Adventure club

-       CCC Driving range

-       Publishing Houses

-       Farms

-       Training centres

-       Dancing studios

-       Arts

-       Jewellery

-       Clothes

-       Medical clinics

-       Ministries and Businesses of any and all sorts

-       Media

-       Drama, film

-       Sport clubs, etc.


In fact, the corporate name CREATION CALLS CHRIST will appear everywhere.




2.           Marketing will take place on an international level, as all members use the name Creation Calls Christ. The prophetic cry CREATION CALLS CHRIST will be spread worldwide. Your benefit will be the effect of the name as people recognize it to give Glory to Christ!

3.           You will be able to sow into the lives of other Christians practically. With your money or services – either as donations or at offering discounted prices.

4.           You will receive the benefits, special discounts and deals that the management committee of Creation Calls Christ Club negotiates on behalf of the members. Facilities belonging to Creation Calls Christ will be available to members at reasonable prices.

5.           You may market your products, services, businesses on the website on the Internet, the newsletter and magazine, as it is established internationally.

6.           Different members from all fields of expertise will be available to each other for help. A huge network will be at your fingertips in an anointed system.

7.           Only the MANAGEMENT TEAMS of businesses and ministries need to affiliate. The members may then join in if they want to.

8.           The ideal will be for every member who affiliates to grant benefits to the rest of the group.



1.           CREATION CALLS CHRIST is registered as an Article 21 (non-profit) Company in South Africa. The organization Creation Calls Christ Club International rests within this company. The books are audited regularly by auditors and available for anyone to scrutinize.

2.           All relevant documents are handled by competent lawyers and are available for scrutiny. As far as possible all loopholes have been attended to because we know that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10-21).

3.           All the donations, fees, profits and money received will flow in and out of the Article 21 Company to spread the kingdom of God.

4.           You are bound to the constitution of the Club as far as the goal and membership fees are concerned.


Some possible projects envisioned:

-       Job creation. Take a lost person of the street and after rehabilitation supply him with skills development, with which he/she can make a living.

-       Missionary outreaches.

-       Funding of huge gospel concerts.

-       Raising up farms – Someone may work with pedophiles, their victims and their families. Before being born again he worked only with the victims, God changed his calling. Available to him for development can be five farms with houses, training centres, farming activities and counselors. The Article 21 company or club would on request develop projects like that so that people can be taken for a year, trained, counseled, and sent back to real life.

-       Game farms, guesthouses and conference centres. These would be available to all the members.

-       Development trust bank where interest free loans may be granted.


5.           Money that will come in will be tax free (Article 21 Company). Members may apply for the use of it for their own ministries, callings, and businesses etc. Donations will then be made as the Holy Spirit leads. The committee will commit itself to submit to the will of the FATHER.


CREATION CALLS CHRIST has the vision to become the largest business on the planet earth to the exclusive Glory of the Tri-Une Creator of the universe alone! May the heavenly hosts join in as we worship HIM. We wholeheartedly invite you to become part of it. As Jesus said: " The kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 10:7)…"the Bride prepares herself, the marriage of the LAMB has come…" (Rev.19: 7-8).


Costs:        R300.00     joining fee  (60 Dollars)

                   R100.00     per month   (20 Dollars)




(Association incorporated under section 21)      

                  Reg. No. 97-07460-08






M. L. Schoeman  (Managing Director, Founder)                                               

A. Goosen  (Co-ordinating Director)

I. de Jongh

D. Swarts

A quorum for the above mentioned will be three persons.






M.L. Schoeman  (Chairperson)

I. de Jongh  (Deputy Chairperson)

E. Venter (Secretary, PA)

E. Coetzer (Deputy secretary)

R. Pretorius (Treasurer)



A quorum for the above mentioned will be four persons.




Will have its own committee.




- Louise Schoeman              Cell:     +27 826531535


- Amalia Goosen                  Cell:     + 27 8356441789


Business address:                  P.O.Box 3107








M.L. Schoeman

A. Goosen

D. Swarts

I. de Jongh

C. Pretorius

A.   Venter

W. van Dyk


The LOGO can be used by anyone who affiliates to Creation Calls Christ Club International: