(Association incorporated under section 21)

 Reg. No. 97-07460-08


   1. Application fee: R300 or 60 Dollars

       This amount must be paid into ABSA, Brooklyn, Pretoria

   cheque account no. 01044830651    (SOUTH AFRICA)

   A copy of this payment must be provided to the Club.


   2. Monthly fee: R100 or 20 Dollars

       The member affiliating must use the DEBIT ORDER form       

           provided by his or her own Bank. Please complete it and  make the necessary arrangements at your original branch.

   A copy of the debit order must be provided to the Club




  3. Any person who becomes a member of the Club will submit

      an application for membership of at least one year.


 A member may resign by giving two calendar months      

 written notice to the Club committee by registered post.


 A member shall be obliged to resign in the event of his/her

 actions damaging the prestige or esteem of the Club, or

 his/her no longer subscribing to the objects of the Club.   


4. Application Form

This form must be completed in detail to enable the Club   Committee to use the necessary information on the

Internet etc. A copy must be provided to the Club Committee.


5. International members will apply using their own  

currencies through the debit orders of their own banks.


6. The copies of the deposit slip (R300 or 60 Dollars), application form and debit order must be posted to the following address or faxed to: 011-7443721or  +27 866472155  or e-mailed to: or to (Donations can be paid into this account of the club too.)


Creation Calls Christ Club Committee

P.O. Box 3107



     South Africa



  7. Contact persons


               Louise Schoeman       +27 826531535                                  

               Amalia Goosen            +27 835641789




   8. Website: