In order to achieve our vision, we envision the following :

·         To enable each member to use the opportunity to “franchise”,

      using “Creation Calls Christ” (Romans 8:19-23) as a “brand”

      and using the logo if they want to (e.g. Creation Calls Christ Airlines).

·         Obtain property on which Creation Calls Christ can operate independently.

·         To set up self-contained, self-supporting clinics, farms, etc. On these properties we will have (amongst others) housing, food production, industries to support the community, schools, entrepreneur training centres, Bible schools etc.

·         Job creation.

·         Sport clubs.

·         Music, dance, fashion shows, modelling, photography, arts.

·         Films, media, drama, computers, Dvd marketing Gospel CD’s.

·         Practical advice and guidance, lectures and books on CD’s.

·         Teach people to be visionary and “excellence” orientated.

·         Form a union worldwide that can unite in the Fear of God to stand up for righteousness in finances and other truths in the Word of God.

·         R100 (20 dollars) club fee will give you marketing opportunities on website etc.

·         The R100 (20 dollars) club fee will enable us to send missionaries, support all ministries and businesses, buy equipment such as musical instruments and whatever else is needed to fulfil the defined goal of the network.

·         Being a club member will enable you to network with other members and even enjoy the benefits of special prices.

·         Create opportunities for skills to be used.

·         Rehabilitation centres.

·         Trauma clinics for aids, abused, rape victims etc.

·         Counselling and deliverance.

·         Marathons, bicycle tours, motorbike clubs.

·         4x4 trails, white river rafting, scuba and other adventure tours.

·         Community upliftment.

·         Restoration of families.

·         Preservation of creation.

·         Feeding the poor.

·         Projects.

·         Righteousness in finances.

·         Networking of ministries, individuals, businesses globally.

·         Publishing houses.

·         Jewellery.

·         Medical clinics.

·         Gospel and other concerts.

·         Development trust bank where interest free loans may be granted.

·         Guest rooms available world-wide.

·         Youth hostels.

·         Kibbutz where people can work, be discipled, trained for a year.

·         Training will be provided: (international)

o   Nursery schools

o   Primary schools

o   Secondary schools

o   Colleges

o   Life skill training

o   Bible schools (Correspondence too)

o   Entrepreneur schools

o   Leadership training

o   Word of God principles

o   Camps etc.

These all aim to equip and enable each person to know and walk in his or her individual calling, healed, changed and touched by CHRIST to experience the KINGDOM of GOD the FATHER (Romans 14:17). We do not aim to start all of the above-mentioned again, but know that God has already equipped His chosen and would love to affiliate them to Creation Calls Christ Club International that they may network. They may contact us.

Different people with different missions, visions, skills and callings will be united worldwide, to become independent of the Antichrist systems, to support themselves and to be disciples or entrepreneurs. “For many are called, but few chosen” (Matthew 20:16).

It is part of our passion to wait on God to send His chosen ones to take up their authority in Christ in their callings and then join and franchise their individual businesses or ministries under the prophecy: Creation Calls Christ. (E.g. Creation Calls Christ Soccer Clubs)


We will also in the economic realm lift up the Standard of Jesus Christ against the antichrist spirit, religious spirit, Jezebel spirit, the Illuminati, Freemasons and all organizations working to further the rise of the Antichrist (substitute Christ) in the New World Order and its One World Religion. Jesus Christ alone is God and the Only Way back to the Father! (John 14:6)


Let us financially empower people to strive for excellence (having vision), not mere success (ambition). May the focus be on Jesus Christ, for He is the One who will return. Let us equip people to live in a worship relationship with all Three of the Godhead, to become intimately and passionately acquainted with each One of Them personally.

May we motivate and influence globally all prodigals to yield to daily dying to the flesh and yield to the Holy Spirit to be transformed into the likeness of Christ – to be a “new creation”. (Isaiah 62:10)

May we all have a change of mind –a paradigm shift (1 Cor. 2:16) and walk in authority as Christlike worshipers of the Father God, revealing now already, as the “sons of God” and the Bride of Christ, that He will return soon as The Lion of Judah, Who will rule and reign until He hands it all back to His Father at the end of the 1000 year millennium.

1 Cor. 15:25-28

“For (Christ) must be King and reign until He has put all (His) enemies under His feet…However, when everything is subjected to Him, then the Son Himself will also subject Himself to (the Father), Who put all things under Him, so that God may be all in all.”

Quotations taken from : The Amplified Bible

                                        Zondervan Publishing House


Contact persons:

  1. Chairperson:


  1. Vice-chairperson:


    3. Project Manager:  




We will invite various business or ministry experts to join us on this council to assist us whenever we decide on a project. It will be a meeting where we can discuss, pray and make decisions to the Glory of God. Different people will be invited, depending on the nature of the project or outreach etc. (Matthew 16:16-19 ; Matthew 18:18,19)




Any member may apply for funds, providing us with a business plan, marketing strategy, vision and mission. Together with wise counsellors, also invited based on the nature of the project, we will have to sit together and make godly decisions whether finances should be provided.