Creation Calls Christ was registered as an Article 21 (non profit) Company in South Africa, Pretoria on 19 May 1997 exclusively to the GLORY of GOD THE FATHER, GOD The SON JESUS CHRIST and GOD The HOLY SPIRIT to preach and worship JESUS CHRIST as the ONLY SON of the FATHER GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT and the written WORD OF GOD.(Association incorporated under section 21) 97-07460-08 The HOLY SPIRIT is the Leader (Romans 8:14,15)JESUS CHRIST is the HEAD and TEACHER (Ephesians 1:22; John 3:2; John 13:13)The FATHER GOD is the COVERING and the LORD of WAR, Who rules the UNIVERSES and ETERNITIES!!! (Psalm 91:1,2 ; Exodus 15:3) CREATION CALLS CHRIST: Creation Calls Christ is an Article 21 company that is built up from three groups within this company. We can define these 3 groups as: Creation Calls Christ International Club, Creation Calls Christ Business Council and Creation Calls Christ Project Fund. We are open to extending or adding to Creation Calls Christ with the mission to compliment the vision!